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Located in the Aegean Sea, in the Cyclades


You can catch flights with Olympic Airways and Aegean towards the International Airport of Mykonos (JMK).
From Piraeus you can board the Blue Star, Hellenic Sea Ways and Aegean Speed Lines. Alternatively you can get a boat from Rafina with the following shipping companies: Agoudimos Lines, Blue Star, Hellenic Saw Ways, Cyclades Fast Ferries and Sea Jets.


The island is generally considered to be relatively small. Public transports are well organized and consistent, but if you want to avoid overcrowding choose either a motorbike or a car. The town offers two large municipal parking spots where you can park relatively easily.


Mykonos is an island famous for its beautiful beaches. The island is constantly very windy and that is why is has been named as the "Island of the Winds". Nevertheless, depending on the direction of the wind you will be able to find a beach to swim. The most known beaches are Panormos, Kalo Livadi, Elia and Lia. Almost all the beaches offer an umbrella and somewhere to lie down. Now if you want some extreme partying during the day you should definitely go to the famous Super Paradise.


The “Island of the Winds” can offer each traveler something that suits their needs. If you're determined to party all day and night , you will not find an island that would be better! From midday you can go to Super Paradise until party until dark, then you can continue in the main town at the various clubs and end up in the most famous after club, Cavo Paradiso, where you will party until the next afternoon! If you want to have a more relaxing holiday, just be sure to start your day slightly earlier and you will be able to avoid large crowds. In the afternoon, go to the town and enjoy a cocktail in Caprice while watching the beautiful sunset!


Mykonos is one of the most cosmopolitan islands in the world. Celebrities from all over the world visit the island throughout the year adding prestige to the island. You can actually find everything, and you can see everything! It will amaze you so do visit it, enjoy the music and surely you will have the most intense holidays of your life.