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Skiathos belongs to the Sporades islands with an area of 48 square kilometers. It lies 41 nautical miles from Volos, and just 2.4 miles from the beautiful southern coast of Pelion.


Throughout the year, Olympic Air fly to Skiathos, and the number of flights increase during the summer. The flight from the airport "Eleftherios Venizelos" only lasts 35 minutes. Skiathos has a ferry connection from the port of Agios Konstantinos.


Since the main ferry towards the island is from Agios Konstantinos many prefer to travel with their personal vehicle. It would advised to have some sort of means of transport for you to tour the island. Alternatively there are taxis and busses which go to most of the places with tourist interest.


In the town of Skiathos, the visitor has the opportunity to visit the home of Papadiamantis where they have managed to maintain it in perfect condition and recently has become a museum.
On the island there are also several old churches and monasteries, which can be visited.


Skiathos has many excellent beaches and the most known are Koukounaries, Banana, Mikro and Megalo Aselino and Great Sand. You can go by boat towards Lalaria, one of the most known beaches.


The nightlife of the island is located in the harbor, there lies the road with all the bars where instead of tables and chairs outside, they have huge pillows which makes it more comfortable for you and your company. On the other side of the harbor are the major night clubs where you can party until the early hours.


The island of Skiathos combines everything that someone might need to make this island a perfect place to visit. It is a beautiful island with beautiful beaches, small taverns with good food and nightlife that combines fun with relaxation. Choose to travel to the island of Skiathos, and you will definitely be rewarded.