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Located in northern Greece


You can get to Thessaloniki by all means, using the E75 highway from Athens, By train leading to the main railway station on the west side and of course by plane from various parts of Greece, direct from Athens with daily flights with Aegean and Olympic to the international Macedonian airport.


Thessaloniki is a city that can be explored by foot, since traveling by car can be problem as there is a lot of traffic. You should try to travel by bicycle while you can also travel by buses and taxis.


The most famous monument is the White Tower, which is the symbol of the city. Other important monuments are the Arch of Galerius (known as Kamara) and the Church of St. Demetrius. Also you will see several Byzantine churches, which are the most important monuments from the times of Byzantium. In addition recognizable is also the O.T.E. Tower, and the statue of Alexander the Great.


You have several options, but the following three are the most important which are definitely worth visiting, The state Museum of Contemporary Art, The National Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Centre for Science & Technology Museum.


You will understand once you get there, that most things are not so hectic compared to other cities. Stroll in Aristotle Square and go towards the beach, enjoy a coffee at one of the various coffee shops you'll find and go for good food at Square Athos. At night the choices are numerous, as long as you're willing to discover your options!