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The island of Naxos is located in the Aegean Sea, and is the largest in the Cyclades.


You can catch a flight with Olympic Airways to the state Airport of Naxos.
Alternatively you can travel by ferry from Piraeus with Blue Star, Hellenic Sea Ways and Aegean Speed Lines.


Naxos Island is a very large Island so you will need some means of transport. Alternatively you can use local transport although it is somewhat limited. You can also try travelling by taxi were prices are fixed according to distance.


You'll find beautiful beaches, organized and not organized, where you will be able to swim. The best known is the bay of St. George, which lies on the south side of the island and Pyrgaki which is southwest of Naxos. Other beaches are Agios Prokopios, Agia Anna and Plaka. If you are a fan of marine sports you can do such activities at many beaches of the island, and in addition you can find small taverns to taste wonderful dishes.


At Naxos almost everything is well organized, so you can find entertainment that suits your personality, from lively beach bars, night clubs, to more relaxed bars.

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The island of Naxos is a summer destination with great demand, and if you eventually visit the island you will understand why. It is addressed to all age groups and all categories of travelers, since it can offer all the amenities one could ask for. Meadows, plateaus, springs, mountains, beaches and beautiful beaches are images hard to find  to co-exist so harmoniously in one  destination.