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Southeast of Great Britain


London airports consist of Heathrow (west of town), Gatwick (south), Stansted (northeast) and Luton (north).There are cheap direct flights from Athens airport to Heathrow (with Aegean Airlines, British Airways, and Olympic Air) and Gatwick (with Easyjet and Olympic Air).


London has the oldest underground metro system in the world. The London Underground has a wide network of eleven lines (Brown, Red, Yellow, Green, Pink, Silver, Dark Magenta, Black, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Turquoise) covering the entire city. The subway in London is the best way to get around the city. However, the city possesses an equally wide network of bus routes, many of which are still carried out by traditional red London buses! The city also has a tram and boats that cross the River Thames during the spring and winter months.


Trafalgar Square is the central point of London. It was built in honor of Admiral Nelson who won the Battle of Trafalgar, Spain. The monument includes four bronze lions that are guarding the statue of the Admiral. In addition worth visiting is the Palace of Buckingham, residence of the British royal family, Westminster Abbey, The House of Commons (Palace of Westminster) and the legendary Big Ben. Within walking distance is the London Eye, the largest Ferris wheel in Europe. From a height of 135 meters you can get a spectacular view of the capital of the United Kingdom.
One of the most recognizable areas of London is Piccadilly Circus, which is known for its neon billboards. Further down you can explore Leicester Square that has many cinema theatres, where often world Movie premieres are screened. A number of the biggest night clubs in London are also located at Leicester Square. Nearby is Soho, which has the city’s finest small bars and restaurants.


London has over 100 museums covering a wide range of interests. Worldwide known is the waxworks museum of Madame Tussauds. The London British Museum exhibits archaeological treasures from many countries in the world. The marbles from Acropolis can be viewed there, along with one of the Caryatids. Furthermore visit the Museum of Natural History, the Museum Tower of London, where the diamonds of the Crown are guarded.


London is famous for the nightlife and restaurants / bars. But perhaps it is best known for the Theatres. All great theatrical plays premiere here! The theaters of the British capital are unique and will give you the opportunity to watch actors in performances that are worldwide known.


There is nothing that London can’t offer to travelers. London can cover every travelers need by offering: World-renowned museums, famous monuments, theaters, concerts, dining, shopping, walks in the city. London has always something new to offer at every visit and there is always something new to discover.