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Milan is located in the northern part of Italy and is the second largest city.


You can catch a direct flight to Milan from the airport of Athens and Thessaloniki with cheap flights from Easy jet. Alternatively you can get stopover flights with Aegean, Olympic Airways and Lufthansa. You also have the choice to travel to Patras and take the ferry to Bari and from there travel by car to Milan.


The metro in Milan will surely help you with your transportations as it has four lines that extend almost throughout the entire city. Prefer the daily cards which can be bought from kiosks. There are also trains and buses which you can use. Those who prefer traveling by taxi will have a hard time finding an empty one, so be sure to find a telephone number in order to make an appointment for one.


Do not expect to see the sights you'll see in Rome and Florence. The most known monument is the Duomo cathedral in the Duomo square. Go to the top of the cathedral and see the whole view of Milan


The Technology Museum of Da Vinci is probably the best that you visit. But certainly worth visiting, especially if you have young children, is the Museum of Natural History.


The city is a paradise for all those who are involved in fashion. Prefer to visit Milan in the sales period, it is really worth it. You will see beautiful people, you will find all the major fashion houses, eat at very nice and expensive restaurants and drink cocktails while enjoying spectacular scenery. In general Milan is magical if you want to go and have fun, strolling and shopping.