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North East of Holland (Northern Europe)


Fly in to Sciphol airport via direct flights from Athens on KLM and Olympic Air.


Public transportation is the dominant means of transport in Amsterdam with its extensive tram, metro and bus networks. Also available are canal boats, cruises and water taxis. Being flat and with dedicated bike lanes Amsterdam is a biker's paradise!


The city is an architectural gem, with several hundred year old buildings, cobbled streets, a network of canals, parks and Museums. Some of the most popular monuments and sites include the Magere Brug and Blauwe Brug bridges, the Royal palace, Centraal station, Montelbaanstoren, Munttoren and Rembrandt towers as well as the Olympic stadium.


Amsterdam has over 50 museums that attract hundreds of thousands of visitors yearly. Other than the wealth of paintings from the Golden Age, one can visit the museum of modern art, cinema, theatre and photography as well as a few Dutch exclusives such as the Heineken Experience, the Stedelijk Museum and the Sex, Erotic, Hash and torture museums who’s existence reflect on the openness of the city’s culture.


Holland is part of the Euro zone.


Amsterdam is one of the prettiest small cities in the world. The canals, world famous museums and sights make it one of the most romantic cities of Europe. In Amsterdam one can only be impressed by its culture of openness and tolerance. It has all the advantages of a large city: Culture, nightlife, international cuisine and extensive public transport while at the same time being a quiet and traffic free city due to the waterways which transverse it. The distances within the city are relatively small and one can easily get from A to B on bike which we recommend for any visitor.