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Located in Germany and is situated on the River Main


Direct flights available from Athens or Thessalonica with Aegean and Lufthansa. The majority of flights land at Frankfurt International Airport.


In Frankfurt the local transport includes suburban trains, trams, buses and metro. It is worth purchasing the ''Frankfurt Card' which is used predominantly by tourists.


Make sure to visit the Städel Museum and moreover have a walk through the Old City which has been completely destroyed although some sites have been carefully restored. In addition visit Romer, Paulskirsche.


The Senckenberg Natural History Museum, German Film Museum (Deutsches Filmmuseum), Goethe House (Goethehaus), Städelské Museum are a few museums that are worth visiting.


Frankfurt is one of the most beautiful small cities in the world. Canals, world famous museums and historical attractions make it one of Frankfurt's most romantic and exciting cities. In Frankfurt, the life and culture can be characterized by the words tolerance and diversity. It has all the advantages of a big city: culture, nightlife, international restaurants, convenient transportation networks- while remaining a quiet town with no traffic problems due to the "water streets" (Canals) running through the entire city. The distances within the city are small and your destination can be reached quickly and easily. We recommend using a bike for a more authentic experience. (The city is also appropriate for bike rides, since it is flat and has dedicated bike paths.)