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Located at the southern entrance of the Bosphorus, making it the only city in the world located in two different continents, Europe and Asia.


By plane from Athens daily direct flights with Olympic Airways, Aegean and Turkish Airlines towards Ataturk Airport (IST)


There is a metro and tram system. You will eventually choose the latter because it is more convenient and more practical. Also you can enjoy the magic of the Bosporus by using water taxis, moving from the European to the Asian side (or vice versa) completely avoiding the Bosphorus Bridge, which faces severe traffic problem many times.


The symbol of Istanbul is Agia Sofia, Roman Catholic Church until the time of capture, and since then it has become  a mosque, it is definitely worth a visit. Opposite is the Blue Mosque with six minarets which is considered the most magnificent mosque throughout Istanbul. Next to Agia Sophia is the horse racing track which is currently used as a park and is known as Sultan Ahmet Square. Also visit the Topkapi Palace, which was the official residence of the sultans. In recent years it has turned into museum, attracting crowds of tourists. In the modern city you can find major attractions like the Galata tower, totaling 70 meters in height which dominates the Galata district.


Inside Topkapi there is a museum, which should be visited if you are in the palace to see a number of important treasures. Another important museum is the Archaeological Museum, near the Topkapi. Extremely interesting is the museum of carpets and rugs and the Yedikule museum which was once a prison.


Once you arrive you will realize that it is a city full of life, full of monuments, and full of history. Do not be afraid to explore the city because you do not know the language. You will see that when you talk to locals they understand, especially in the Market and the outdoor bazaars. Enjoy the magical views of the Bosphorus over a coffee in a beautiful little shop located just below the bridge. Find the Taksim Square and discover shops for shopping and entertainment!