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The island of Milos is located in the Aegean Sea, in the Cyclades.


You can get there by Plane with direct flights with Olympic Airways to the State Airport of Milos (MLO). You can also get there by boat From Piraeus with Aegean Speed Lines, Sea Jets, Ventouris and Anek lines.


The island of Milos is generally an easy travel around, and unlike the other islands, it has wide and big roads. It is advisable to have some means of transport to be able to travel and discover all the beaches. It is very easy to move around by taxi, since there are more than enough in number to the proportion of people visiting the island. Also a good option is to travel by bus.


Milos is famous for its beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters. If you have never visited the island before, you will definitely be impressed by the numerous choices you have, and also the diversity of each beach. Also a significant advantage of the island is the option to choose calm beaches, either north or south, depending on the winds direction. The most known beaches are: St. John, Saint Sunday Mandrakia and also Tsigrado. All the previous mentioned beaches can be reached by car. But you should definitely spend a day by taking a boat to Kleftiko, which is the hallmark of the island.


The island of Milos does not offer an intense nightlife. There are small bars that are all located at Adama, where you can have a relaxing time with a drink while enjoying the beach and beautiful sunsets.


Milos is an ideal summer destination if you want to go somewhere to relax and unwind, enjoy fine cuisine and local delicacies but also to see the most beautiful beaches you've ever seen. Choose this island as your summer destination, but if you intend to visit in August be sure to book your tickets early since there is a high demand for this island.