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Which are the seating categories within an airplane?

There are three classes depending on the aircraft type and configuration of the seats which are determined by each airline:

Economy Class
The economy class normally occupies most of the seats in the cabin. They are seats offered at a lower cost and fewer services and amenities are offered to the passengers. If you are traveling with conventional companies and depending on the flight, usually the cost of the ticket includes free drinks and meals. Low cost companies often do not include food and drinks for free.

Business Class 
These seats are expensive in relation to the economy seats. Business class offers more amenities and services to the passengers. The business class is separated from the economy class and is located in the front part of the aircraft cabin. The seats are wider and there is a greater variety in dining and drinks.

First Class
It is the luxurious and expensive seat in the aircraft. It is located in the front of the cabin with comfortable seats and a number of upgraded services. Also, it includes a large variety of meals (subject always to the type and duration of flight). The first class passengers enjoy more benefits and other services outside of the aircraft for example, separate Check in and separate airport lounges.