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What are the necessary documents I must present in order for me to travel? What are the necessary documents I must present in order for me to travel? Do children need documents in order for them to travel? What are the available payment options for my purchase? Which is the allowed weight and size of luggage’s and hand luggage’s? What shouldn’t I carry on me when I shall travel? I chose an available flight and when I proceeded to purchase it, the system informed me that the flight was no longer available. Why did that happen? How will I receive my ticket? Is it safe for me to enter my credit card details when I place an order? Can a ticket be issued for unaccompanied minors? Can I issue a ticket for an infant and what will be the cost? Which are the age group categories of the passengers for the airline companies? Which are the seating categories within an airplane? How can a passenger with disabilities or reduced mobility travel? In the case I wish to transfer special equipment, will I be allowed? Can I check-in my luggage at low cost airline companies? Can I carry my laptop (personal computer) on the aircraft? Can I transfer electrical equipment and devices on my trip? Can I take my pet on the plane? What is the Frequent flying Program? What steps should I follow in the case that the tickets have been misplaced? How can I change the passengers name on the ticket? Can I change or cancel my reservation? Will I be refunded if I don’t use my ticket? What should I do if the airline company changes the departure time?