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In the southeastern coast of Cyprus


You can catch a plane from Athens directly towards Larnaca with cheap airline tickets from Aegean, Olympic Airlines and Cyprus Airways


Larnaca is characterized by intense traffic problems especially during peak hours. A key reason for this is the bad roads but also the strong growth in recent years. Transportation exists but it is not suggested, it is advised to travel by taxi.


The main sights of Larnaca are two.  The first is the province of Alaminos. The modest monument dedicated to George Lazarus is located while entering the village opposite the church of Saint Mamas.
The second is the Heroes' Monument in the village of St. Theodore, at the entrance of the Community Hall. Presented are the statues of Sgt Antonakis Costas Manolis, the Lieutenant Filios Tsigarides and missing Andrea Euripides and it has been dedicated to the summer of 1974.


In Larnaca, you can visit a large number of museums that will meet all your demands. Museums that are worth visiting are the Pierides Foundation Museum, Byzantine Museum of Agios Lazaros Church, the Municipal Museum of Natural History and the District Medieval Museum of Larnaca (Froureio Larnaca)


Larnaca is the oldest surviving city in Cyprus and it was known as Kition, taking its name from the grandson of Noah Kittim. Characteristic of Larnaca is that it was never abandoned by its residents unlike other cities, and continues to be in the same location since its establishment is the last 6000 years.
In 1974 with the Turkish invasion of Cyprus, 200,000 Greek Cypriots were expelled with violence and about 40,000 refugees came to Larnaca thus tripling its population.