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Rhodes is the largest island in the Dodecanese and it is located in the South Aegean region.


You can get there by plane with flights from Olympic and Aegean Airlines from Athens.
Otherwise, you can take the ferry from Piraeus with Blue Star Ferries and ANEK Lines.


You will definitely need some mean of transportation, as this is a very big island. It will even be hard with a motorbike so do choose a car. Alternatively there is a very good local transport network with relatively low prices.


The Old Town is one of the best preserved medieval cities, it is definitely worth visiting as wandering down the narrow streets will give you the feeling that you have traveled to another era. Also see the Clock Tower, and the mosque of Pasha Regep at the square Doreon. Generally you will realize that Rhodes has many beautiful places and monuments.


You should certainly visit the Archaeological Museum which is situated in the hospital of the Knights. There you will see a significant collection of sculptures, urns and various vases of inestimable value. Yet you will be impressed with the Public Library which is located in the medieval city of Rhodes.


Rhodes is known for its clean beaches. The beaches that should be visited are: Faliraki Beach, the beach town of Rhodes, Ixia, Ialyssos is, Kallithea and the beach of Anthony Quinn is definitely a beach that must be visited.


The island of Rhodes is beautiful, and so is the city. This picturesque city will offer all the amenities you want. Browse through the streets of the town, swim in the pristine beaches and enjoy fine local dishes. Go to fine bars and also to the big clubs, according to your desires.