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Ios Island is located in the Aegean Sea, within the clusters of the Cyclades.


You can get a boat from Piraeus, with the route of Aegean Speed Lines and Ventouris Sea Lines. 


In general the transportation in Ios will not cause you any trouble since the island has a well-organized road network, even the roads that are not safe are in a relatively good condition. If you are not planning to go there with your car you can rent a vehicle at the island. Also, Ios has five taxis. If you plan to use them do get a hold of their phone numbers. Finally, there is always the local bus network which is based at the port.


There are various attractions and museums you can see at the island of Ios. Do visit the Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Modern Art, Jean-Marie Drew.


Overall, the island of Ios has many beautiful beaches. If you enjoy crowds you should visit the Mylopotamou beach which lies fairly close to town. Otherwise if you enjoy a more calm beach you can visit the following beaches: Manganari, Gialo,  Kolitsani Beach and Agia Theodoti and Psathis.


The island of Ios can offer you the chance to party all day long if that is something you are interested in. There are many available options that range from very early in the afternoon on the beaches until the sun sets. In the town you will find all the bars with people of all ages to dance all day and night long.


Overall, the island of Ios is a popular destination especially for young people. This is not the rule, as you can find people of all ages that choose the island of Ios for their summer holidays. Perhaps the most striking advantage of the island is how it manages to combine entertainment with the picturesque landscapes that are truly unique! Try to travel and discover the whole island and surely you will rewarded.