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Ακυρωτική και Εκπτωτική Πολιτική - ANEK-SUPERFAST


Ticket Cancellations

High Season: 18/12 / 20-06 / 01/21, 12/03/21, 15/03/21, 23/04 / 21-09 / 05/21, 18/06/21, 21/06/21 , 25/06 / 21-05 / 09/21

Up to 14 days before departure: tickets are canceled without cancellations or converted to open date or for another date.

 Up to 7 days before departure: 25% cancellation fees are withheld or alternatively converted to an open date or for another date.

Up to 2 hours before departure: 50% cancellation fees are withheld or alternatively converted to an open date or for another date.

 Until departure: 50% cancellation is withheld, tickets are not converted to open date, and date change is not possible.

 After departure: tickets are not canceled and are not converted to open date, while date change is not possible.

Low Season: all other dates

Up to 1 hour before departure: Tickets are canceled without cancellations or converted to an open date or for another date.

 Until departure: 50% cancellation fees are withheld and are not converted to an open date or for another date.

After departure: Tickets are not canceled and are not converted to open date, while date change is not possible.


The refund rate depends on the time between cancellation and the travel date. In particular, the following amounts are reimbursed:

100% refund, if canceled up to 22 days before departure.

80% refund, if canceled 21 to 8 days before departure.

50% refund, if canceled 7 days to 24 hours before departure.

The Company has no obligation to refund any amount of money in case of cancellation less than 24 hours before departure or if the passenger does not show up at boarding.

In case of partial cancellation of the return ticket and if the passenger has traveled one part of the trip, the time limits mentioned above for the second part of the trip apply.

In case of complete cancellation of the return ticket, the above time limits apply.

Excluded from the refund of the above amounts are the cases of tickets issued in favor of an offer, where the terms of the respective offer apply.

Open Date Tickets


Passengers reserve the right to convert their ticket to OPEN or to change the travel date up to four (4) hours before the scheduled departure. If this ticket is canceled in the future, the cancellation date is the date on which the ticket was opened or changed travel date and any refunds are made in relation to the original travel date.


Tickets that have been converted to an open date are valid for one year from the date of issue of the original tickets and in case of cancellation, the policy of cancellation of the original tickets applies.

Open return passengers must make a timely reservation for their return and only through the travel agency, the port agent, the Premium Sales Agent or the offices of the Company where the booking and payment was made. The total fare is calculated based on the low period of the current price list. In case of traveling in medium or high season or during the validity period of a new fare, the passenger is obliged to pay the difference between the current and the prepaid fare.

Delay-Cancellation of the Itinerary for Reasons of Force Majeure

Departure: Passengers and vehicles can board without changing their tickets.

Travel Cancellation: The canceled departure tickets are not valid for boarding and must be changed for the next scheduled departure, where seats are available, with the issuance of a new ticket.

In cases where the route is delayed or canceled due to force majeure (eg bad weather), passengers are kindly requested to contact the port authorities to be informed of the new departure time of the ship.

Loss of Tickets


In case of loss of a ticket: a) in order for the passenger to be able to travel he must buy a new ticket. b) before the scheduled departure, the loss of the ticket must be declared in writing to the Company's Headquarters or Port Offices, stating the date of the trip, the route, as well as the number of the ticket purchased. After checking the company's records and if it turns out that the lost ticket was not used or replaced, within one (1) month from the date of travel, the passenger is entitled to a free ticket equal to the lost one.


In case of loss of a ticket, the passenger must immediately inform the point of issue of the ticket or the Company. In this case, the passenger receives a ticket from the port after checking the identity of the beneficiary.

Note: The passenger must have with him at check-in ID or passport proving that he is the real holder of the ticket.

Passenger-Vehicle Tickets


According to Community Directive 98/41, for safety reasons, the nominal registration of passengers on each route is mandatory. In order to be able to register, the tickets are issued by NAME and specifically must be indicated: - THE NAME OF THE PASSENGER - GENDER: MALE / WOMAN - AGE exists: ADULT-CHILD - BROTHER ) In addition to the above, people who need SPECIAL CARE must be declared to the issuing agency. PASSENGER CONTACT DETAILS: It is mandatory to accurately register the mobile phone of passengers, so that they can be informed in case of modification of the routes (eg due to adverse weather conditions). In the case of reservations for passengers outside Greece, the 4-digit dial code of their country must also be indicated. Children up to 5 years old: travel free of charge, without the right to a bed or seat and it is mandatory to issue a ticket with zero fare. When a bed or seat is provided, they have a 50% discount, with an adult escort required.


According to the SOLAS International Directive and European legislation (Council Directive 98/41 / EC of 18/06/1998) when booking, the following information is required: Name and surname, Gender, Date of Birth, Nationality, Contact telephone, Vehicle Type and Registration Number (if any). For passengers who are not nationals of the European Union (nor of the Schengen countries) the following information is also required: Passport Number and Expiration Date, Visa Expiration Date (if required).

According to the P.D. 102/2019 (AD 182) the provisions of P.D. 23/1999 "Registration of persons traveling on passenger ships operating to or from Greek ports in accordance with Directive 98/41 / EC / 1998".

In addition to the above, people who need SPECIAL CARE must be declared to the issuing agency.

Children up to 4 years: 5.50 euros per trip if they do not occupy an airplane seat or bed.

We recommend passengers when informing the issuing agency to inform the issuing agency of their telephone number (preferably mobile), so that they are notified in case of need, e.g. ban on sailing due to weather, etc.

We also inform you that during your trip you must bring with you the necessary documents (identity card, passport or driver's license), which will certify your identity, because checks will be carried out during your boarding.

The following categories are entitled to a discount: 1) infants, 2) children, 3) adults 60 years and older, 4) students, 5) young people

The necessary documents proving the status and the right of the above categories to a more economical transportation must be presented during the issuance of the tickets and during the check-in. The above discounts should be requested during the booking. After the trip, no fare refund is made.

Unaccompanied Minor Child

The Company does not accept reservations for children under 15 years of age who are not accompanied by an adult. Reservations for children from 15 to 18 years old are accepted only with the written consent of the parent or guardian.

Covid Policy

According to the Act of Legislative Content (Measures to deal with the ongoing consequences of the coronavirus pandemic COVID-19) Government Gazette 84 / A / 13-4-2020, the provisions of Article 65 come into force, from Wednesday 15/04/2020 (Debts from cancellations of sea travel) and therefore the cancellation policy is modified, as follows: Passengers, holders of tickets with a travel date until 31/10/2020 who can not travel due to travel restrictions imposed, or do not wish to travel due to uncertainty due to the pandemic or due to cancellation of their scheduled itineraries, they must convert their tickets into an open date at least 24 hours before departure, in order to use them on the next trip to any destination served by ΑΝΕΚ-SUPERFAST ENDEKA HELLAS INC & CO., Within the period of 18 months from the date of travel of the original ticket. In case the passenger wishes to travel on a date, or in a seat category for the same or different destination, with a higher fare than the fare of the original ticket, then the fare difference covers. If the period of 18 months has passed and the open date tickets have not been used, then the passengers are entitled to receive 100% of the fare of the open tickets.