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Located in the southern Aegean Sea, in the Cyclades


You can get there by Plane with direct flights from Olympic and Aegean to the islands airport (JTR). Another alternative is to travel By boat with BlueStar, Anek, and SeaJet.


Santorini is generally considered to be a relatively Small Island. You can easily walk from one part to the other, but if you can hire a motorcycle or car it will be even more convenient for you!


You can go to the southwest side of the island to visit the prehistoric site of Akrotiri. It is truly amazing and it is virtually intact.


If you want to plan a visit to a museum, you should go to Fira, to the Archeological Museum or the Prehistoric Museum. On the other side of the island, at Oia there is an interesting Maritime Museum.


Santorini can be famous for many things such as view and the volcano, but because of the latter it is not known for its beaches! Nevertheless, you can go to Perivolos and Perissa, where you will find organized beaches with sunbeds, umbrellas and a youthful crowd. A similar beach is Kamari, with many hotels along the seaside. A completely different scenery is the Red Beach, which is described by its name since all the beach is red ! If you want cliffs to jump off into the water visit Amoudi.


The Island is considered as one of the most romantic destinations. Definitely if you visit the island you will see one of the most beautiful sunsets either from Oia or Imerovigli! Santorini offers you plenty of alternative choices for things to plan. In the morning you can take aboat and visit the volcano, but make sure you have a bottle of water with you! In the evening walk to Fira to view some picturesque streets while doing some shopping. Visit klantera to admire the spectacular view. Relax and enjoy a couple of drinks at the bar Tango or Francos and then go clubbing to Enigma and KOO!