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FAQ - Biglietti traghetti

What are the available payment options for my purchase? If I don’t have my ticket with me, will I be able to board the boat? Where is the collection point, if I choose the option to collect my tickets from the port? Why can’t I find the island that I want to travel to in the booking panel for ferry tickets? I lost my boarding tickets. What can I do? Do I need to confirm the departure time? I want to return from another destination, but the system does not allow this. What can I do? Is it cheaper to book tickets with return (aller retour) or booking two single tickets? Can I book an open ticket? Can I take my pet on the boat? Can I pick up my tickets from the port? Which is the procedure for canceling boat tickets? What does Viva Travel charge for each cancelation / alteration for each ticket? Which are the age group categories of the passengers for the shipping companies? What time should I be at the port when traveling by boat? Is it safe for me to enter my credit card details when I place an order? How soon can I book my tickets? How many passengers and vehicles can I include in a reservation? How can I cancel my reservation? Will there be a charge? Can I change my reservation? How can I be sure that my reservation has been successfully booked? How do I get special discounts on boat tickets? E.g. student discount, discount for large families. How can I collect my tickets? Will I be able to travel if there is a mistake with my name on the ticket? What happens if my license plate number of my vehicle is different compared to the license plate stated on the ticket? What are the necessary documents I must present in order for me to travel? Is there a different price for the fare of infants and children? Do I have the option to choose my seats in the case that the seats are numbered?