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Samos is one of the biggest Greek islands and is located in the eastern Aegean.

It’s about 200 nautical miles From Athens and it’s divided from the coast of Turkey by a channel depth of only 1300 meters.


Samos can be reached by plane or boat during the whole time. Air flights are operated by Olympic Air and Aegean Airlines to the airport of Samos from the airports of Athens and Thessaloniki.

If you choose to go by ferry, you can catch the Hellenic Seaways ship from the port of Piraeus, and Blue Star Ferries from the port of Thessaloniki.The ferry services towards Samos increase during the summer. On Viva Travel can find a ticket for any route to and from Samos, quickly and easy.


During your visit to Samos, you definitely should visit the Temple of Hera, which is just 3 km west of Pythagoras which considered one of the most ancient temples in Greece.

Within walking distance from the temple of Hera is the Tunnel of Efpalinos, an ancient tunnel. It got its name from the famous engineer Efpalinos that designed and built it.

Located 3 km from the hill Marathokampos is the cave of Pythagoras. reportedly that’s where Pythagoras fled to hide from the tyrant Polycrates, but there is another scenario,,that the philosopher used to go there when he wanted to be alone and when he wanted to be isolated and contemplate.

Also visit the Tower of Lycurgus and the Tower of Sarakini.


The island of Samos has very nice beaches that will satisfy everyone.

The beaches you must visit are Aspes, St. John Eleimonas, Potokaki, Balos, Lemonakia, Limnionas and Kokkari.