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Summer 2021 - Covid 19: What applies to boat travel from 14 May 2021 and what public health protection measures are taken

Thursday, May 13, 2021
From 14/05/2021 interregional travel is allowed and tourism officially opens. A necessary condition for ensuring the spread of Covid-19 is the demonstration of the "green certificate", as defined by the Greek Government.

Regarding the green certificate, anyone wishing to travel to and from the islands (with the exception of Lefkada and Evia), must have either a vaccination certificate (14 days after the second installment) or a negative pcr when booking their ticket. 72 hour test, either 24 hour rapid test or 24 hour self test.

The control of the above will be carried out obligatorily by the shipping companies, and all domestic and foreign travelers over 5 years will be obliged.

In detail, the declaration of self tests should be made on the platform self-testing.gov.gr while those who attend public and private structures for PCR or rapid antigen test should request the digital certificate with the result of the test.

To travel by boat, you must have one of the following with your ticket:
  •     Vaccination certificate, 14 days after the second dose
  •     Negative molecular test 72 hours
  •     Rapid test or self test 24 hours
  •     Certificate of illness 2 to 9 months after that

For your best service, make sure:
  •     Book your ticket electronically
  •     Do web check-in * to receive your tickets in electronic form (e-ticket)
  •     Arrive at the port of departure on time, to facilitate the boarding control process

Of course we do not forget that:
  •     We do not travel if we have symptoms of infection (fever, pain, cough, fatigue, shortness of breath) or if we have come in contact with a confirmed case
  •      We wear our protective mask throughout the trip
  •     We keep distances of at least 1.5 meters
  •     We wash our hands regularly and use antiseptic solution
  •     We avoid unnecessary travel on the ship
  •     We follow the measures and rules set by each shipping company
  •     We inform the crew of any illness during the trip

We travel responsibly
We stay safe
We enjoy our vacation!

* The web check-in service is supported by Blue Star Ferries, Sea Jets, Golden Star Ferries, Aegean Speed ​​Lines, Fast Ferries & Minoan Lines.

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