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Easternmost island in the Cyclades group.


Amorgos has two ports, Aegialis and Katapola. You can catch one of Blue Star Ferries routes to Aegialis but also SeaJets route to Katapola.


Ideally you should acquire a private means of transport. Amorgos has a good road network albeit with a lot of dramatic bends characteristic of island roads. In the high season one should be cautious driving, for the roads are full of tourists on mopeds that are available for rent throughout the island. A bus service and taxis are also available.


The Island is full of ancient sites the most famous being the byzantine Monastery of Chozoviotissa which will doubtfully impress any visitor, not only because of the unique location and beauty of the sight, but also by the hospitality of the monks there. Be sure to visit the villages of Tholaria, Lagada and Maltezi which are uniquely graphic sights.


Amorgos has plenty of beautiful beaches which are accessible by road but also a few that are only accessible by boat. The most famous being Aegialis, which will become packed in the summer as the island’s camp site is located there. If you chose to visit its better to go early in the morning to establish your personal beach territory. Also very famous is Agia Anna where Luc Besson’s “The Big Blue” was shot. Worth visiting are Mouros, Kalokaritissa and Maltezi, the latter being only accessible by boat.


Amorgos has a relatively low profile nightlife without that meaning that you’re not going to have a good time. On the contrary, at night the local Raki flows in abundance so be ready to consume large amounts of it as the locals will even go as far as serve it for free. In Aegialis and specifically in the Amorgialos coffeshop you can try out nice mezedes and rakomelo (raki with honey) under the mesmerizing local instrumental music. The island is also famous for its traditional festivals (panygiri), that usually take place in August which is a unique experience.


Amorgos is an island which as soon as you set foot on you are sure to be awed by the sights and aura of the place. A definite summer destination, make sure to plan a few trips to the different sights and beaches available on the island.