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New York

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New York is the northeastern state of the U.S.A.


Fly to JFK airport with direct flights from Delta Airlines, Otherwise fly with a stopover flights with  Lufthansa, British Airways and Air France


It all depends on where you choose to stay. Prefer to stay in Manhattan where the metro system will be incredibly helpful. It is quite safe and certainly the fastest and most economical choice. It has 470 stations and 26 different lines. The Metrocards are valid for the subway and buses and are very economical. In the metro they have a machine that issues this card. Each trip costs $ 2, and is valid for two hours.
You can also take the bus since there are bus stops at practically each corner, otherwise you can travel by taxi where you should be prepared to deal with terrible traffic.


The first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is the Statue of Liberty. You will arrive by boat from Battery Park in ten minutes and then you can continue to Ellie Island. The first boat departs in the morning and drops you off at the Statue of Liberty, where you can stay as long as you want. Apart from the statue and museum there is also a cafeteria. Then board the boat again and visit Ellie Island in about 3 minutes. It is advised to start early in the morning.

Visit the Empire State Building, where you can go to the 86th and 102nd floor. It is open until 2 o'clock AM and keep in mind that you need at least an hour to enjoy the whole view.

A similar experience is to visit “The Top of the Rock” and get the elevator to the 67th floor in 30 seconds. If you are planning to visit Top of the Rock you should definitely visit the Rock Feller centre which is right below.

You can visit ground 0 and combined it with a trip to Wall Street and Soho.  China town is an area that does not resemble anything from New York. The resemblance to china would make you believe you are really there.


If you plan to visit the Statue of Liberty it would be a good chance to visit the museum that operates within. One of the largest museums in size and displayed artifacts is the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which is definitely worth visiting. The Natural History Museum is also exceptional, especially if you have young children!
Do plan to visit one of the countless performances of Broadway. Whatever plays you might choose it will surely be a rewarding experience. If you are planning to visit a play,  do book your tickets in advance so that you do not have to wait in endless queues.


As many days as you will have planned to visit New York, it will not be enough for you to be able to discover all the magic that New York has to offer. You can always find somewhere to shop depending on your available budget, from department stores that take up entire blocks (Macy's at 34th Avenue) and even the famous 5th Avenue which has the most famous and expensive designers in fashion. But do not hesitate to visit shops with second hand clothes as you may find some really unique vintage items. The nightlife options are various and endless! Do not be surprised however if you go to a small bar and see someone famous doing standup comedy.