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Discount & Cancellation Policy - FAST FERRIES

Fast Ferries


From the date of issue of the ticket up to 8 days before the scheduled departure time: Tickets are canceled without cancellation fees if the ticket body is returned as it is or they are converted into an open date.
From 7 days until the scheduled departure time: Tickets are canceled with 50% cancellation if the ticket body is returned as it is or alternatively converted to an open date up to 2 hours before the scheduled departure time.

After departure: Tickets are not canceled, are not converted to open date, and date change is not possible.
Tickets can only be canceled by the issuing agencies and can not be canceled by phone.
Those interested must deliver the tickets to the issuing agency.


Open date tickets are valid for one year and are not accepted for boarding. It is necessary to replace the original ticket with a new one before boarding. If fares have been increased by the date of travel, open date ticket holders must pay the difference.



Route Delay or Cancellation Due to Adverse Weather Conditions

Passengers and vehicles can board without changing their tickets.
Travel Cancellation
The canceled departure tickets are not valid for boarding and must be changed for the next scheduled departure, where seats are available, replacing the ticket. In cases where the route is delayed or canceled, passengers are kindly requested to contact the company's port offices to be informed about the new departure time of the ship.
After departure
Tickets are not canceled, are not converted to open date, while the date can not be changed.



In order to be able to travel the passenger will have to buy a new ticket. He must then declare the loss in writing stating the route, the date of the trip, the number of the lost ticket, the number of the new ticket purchased and a photocopy thereof. If the lost ticket is not found in the company's records to have traveled within one year from the date of travel, the company will issue a ticket for the trip without paying an additional fare. You will find all the details of the lost ticket at one of the company's headquarters.



According to Community Directive 98/41, for safety reasons, the nominal registration of passengers on each route is mandatory. In order to be able to register the tickets are issued by name. Specifically, the following must be indicated: The name of the passenger, gender: man / woman, age: adult / child / infant, and the contact telephone number for the sole purpose of informing him in case of delay, cancellation or cancellation of the ship's route. In addition to the above, the people who need Special Care must register with the issuing agency. The issuance of a ticket on board is prohibited and therefore, in order to avoid unnecessary inconvenience, passengers must make reservations and issue tickets in a timely manner. Children up to 4 years old: it is mandatory to issue a ticket with zero fare.



30% Discount on same day return tickets
50% Discount for students with many children (valid for all students of Greek (and for Open University with the demonstration of the Student Transportation Card) universities for the whole year), for people with special needs, the blind and their attendants. (It is valid for people with a disability rate of 80% while a 50% discount is valid for their cars, as long as they are classified as disabled in their license. It is necessary to show the relevant decision of the competent health committee of the prefecture.
25% Discount for Nat retirees
30% Discount for children with three children (upon presentation of the identity of the association of three children or the certificate of marital status. Children of three children are entitled to the discount up to the age of 23 upon presentation of their identity.)



Tickets are allowed for unaccompanied minors, under the responsibility of the parents.