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Ionian Ferries

Ionian Ferries

The Ionian Ferries company was founded a few years ago, intended to meet the transport needs of Zante.
The fleet did not take long to acquire five modern passenger ships, which now serve the transport needs of Kefalonia.

During the summer period, the company has daily services from Killini to Poros, Argostoli and Lixouri of Kefalonia.
It addition it also has 7 daily services from the Port if Kyllini to the port of Zante.


At the present day, Ionian Ferries have a fleet of modern vessels which serve the needs of Zante and the island of Kefalonia.

Ε/Γ - Ο/Γ Ionian Star
Ε/Γ - Ο/Γ Ionis


  • Zante
  • Argostoli
  • Lixouri
  • Kilini

Useful Information

In order for your reservation to be valid, Yous should be at the ticket counters of the ports at least one (1) hour before the departure of the Ionian Ferry vessel.

ItenerariesIonian Ferries

Kilini - Zakynthos
Zakynthos - Kilini
Killini - Poros (Kefalonia)br /> Poros (Kefalonia) - Kilini
Argostoli / Lixouri - Kilini
Killini - Lixouri / Argostoli

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