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Located in the Aegean Sea, in the Cyclades, and the capital of the island is Ermoupoli.


You can get there by plane with flights from Olympic and Aegean to Mykonos Airport (JMK).
Alternatively you can get a boat from Piraeus and Lavrio with the following companies: Blue Star, Hellenic SeaWays and Aegean Speed Lines.


It is advisable to have some means of transport to be able to tour the island. The distances are quite long so it is advised to drive a car instead of motorbike. Alternatively you can use the public transport which links Ermoupolis with all the villages. Another choice to travel by is hiring a taxi to transport you.


Syros has some beautiful beaches where you can enjoy a swim, but you must travel outside of Ermoupoli to visit them. The most popular beaches are Fabrica, Megas Gialos, the Santorini and Barbarousa.


Syros can offer various forms of entertainment. You will find numerous restaurants offering appetizers and ouzo. You will many traditional tavernas for a more calm and relaxed time. The island has many bars where you will be able to enjoy music while having a drink. If you want to try your luck, do not hesitate to go and visit the casino. Our advice is to not only stay in Ermoupolis but also try to discover picturesque villages on the island.


Syros is an island that attracts visitors for a number of reasons. Ermoupolis offers the comfort of a big city and the villages of the island offer relaxation.