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Upon the coast in the northwestern part of Crete.


You can get there by Plane with direct flights from Olympic and Aegean to the Airport Daskalogiannis J. (CHQ). Also you can get there by boat with Anek Lines and BlueStar.


It would be convenient to have some sort of means of transportation, ie car, but if that’s not possible riding a bike can do the job. However, you will need some sort of transport to travel around the county, in order to discover all the beautiful places.


The lighthouse of the port is very known and you will have certainly seen a picture of it somewhere! Also very well known and very impressive is the Old Port, You should visit since there are many nightclubs and restaurants. Now just outside of Chania, At Akrotiri, which is surrounded in a green park are the tombs of Venizelos, Eleftherios and and his son Sophocles. If you visit, you will definitely enjoy the magnificent view of the whole county!


Plan your days in order to see some museums. Visit the Archaeological Museum, the Navy and the Byzantine since they have a lot to offer you.


In Chania you can find a number of beaches to suit your needs. If you want to join the young crowd and beach bars, then visit Agia Marina, just 10 km from Chania. But you will definitely have to visit Elafonissi and Falassarna beach as its waters are the cleanest in Greece. For this reason it has been awarded as one the best beaches in Europe.


Chania has been characterized by a few as an ideal destination for summer holidays. Furthermore it has a reputation for its great food, the beautiful beaches and the hospitality of the locals. Be sure to have enough days available since it is definitively worth exploring the whole county! Chania has to offer you a great night out, since you will find bars such as the "Synagogue" and clubs with a massive crowd that are entertained until the early hours of the morning.