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General Terms & Conditions - Dodekanisos Seaways

Dodekanisos Seaways


• 7 days before departure: Tickets are canceled without cancellations or converted to an open date or for another date.
• From 7 days before departure up to 1 hour before departure: 50% cancellation is withheld or alternatively the tickets are converted into an open date or for another date.
• After departure: Tickets are not canceled and are not converted to open date, while date change is not possible.
Tickets cannot be canceled by phone. You can cancel or modify your ticket only from the agency from which you issued it or to the port-designated shipping agent.


The passenger has the opportunity to convert his ticket into an open date ticket up to one hour before departure (as indicated on the ticket) and thus its duration will be valid for one year from the date indicated on the ticket and is not subject to no return of fare or percentage thereof.


In case of prohibition of departure following orders of the Y.EN. or the Port Authorities, due to bad weather or reasons of force majeure (eg curfew due to weather conditions), the company is not responsible for any possible delay, modification or cancellation of the service. In case the departure is prohibited according to the orders of the port authorities, YEN, the company or for reasons of force majeure, the passenger is entitled to modify his ticket or to have his ticket refunded without any other obligation of the company to the passenger. The company has the right, after the approval of YEN, to replace the ship with another ship. The itineraries are subject to changes that are announced immediately on the corporate website www.12ne.gr


In case of loss of the ticket, it is not possible to replace it or return its price. In order to board, the passenger must issue a new ticket. If the lost tickets are found by the passenger, he should send a request to ticketing@12ne.gr or to the agency where the tickets were issued. When the original tickets are presented, the company's records will be checked and if they have not been used, then their entire cost will be refunded.



The price of the ticket (fare) includes the transfer of the passenger to the port of destination, the only type of airline available to the ships, as well as the respective legal charges on it. The ticket price does not include snacks and drinks from the ship's bar. The company provides discounts to passengers in accordance with its commercial policy. Indicative:
Infants and toddlers up to four (4) years old travel for free.
Children from four (4) to ten (10) years old are entitled to a 50% discount on the fare.
Large families are entitled to a 50% discount on the fare. It is necessary to show your considered personal card of the Association of Large Families.
People with reduced mobility with a disability rate of 80% or more are entitled to a 50% discount on the fare.

The discounts are not cumulative. If there are more than one case of discounts, only the largest discount applies.
Passengers eligible for discounts must declare this when booking seats and show all the necessary supporting documents both when issuing the respective discount tickets and when boarding the ship. After the ticket is issued, no fare difference is refunded.


1. Minor passengers under the age of 15:

They are not allowed to travel unaccompanied. The Identity Check for underage passengers who have not reached the age of 12, is carried out on the basis of their police ID or passport and for travel within, any other official document or certificate of identity from the KEP is accepted. or the Police.

2. Minor passengers who have reached the age of 15 (15 to 18 years):

The transfer of unaccompanied minors 15 to 18 years old is allowed under the condition of delivery of a declaration of their parent or guardian to the Company certified with the original signature by the Police or Port Authority, or by Gov.gr, with which the latter will declare that consents to the transfer of the minor, acknowledging that it is not possible and will not be supervised by the Master and / or officers and / or crew members during the voyage until disembarkation at the port of destination and that the parent or the guardian will compensate and completely relieve the Company and its staff of any loss, damage or expense arising from the minor's trip. The Identity check of minor passengers is carried out on the basis of their police ID or passport. The parents or legal guardians of the minors are in any case fully responsible for obtaining and possessing - before the start of the minors' journey - the appropriate, valid and legal travel documents, as well as all the accompanying documents that may be required at the port of destination.

Relevant statements are available from the Customer Service Department, tel. 2241070590, e-mail: ticketing@12ne.gr as well as at the local port offices of the company, or from Gov.gr

In no case is the Company responsible if the Authorities of the port of destination consider these travel documents to be insufficient.