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Discount & Cancellation Policy - Goutos Lines

Goutos Lines
General Terms and Conditions of Passage

 Tickets cancelled up to 48 hours before the ship’s departure time have no charge.

 Tickets cancelled up to 12 hours before the ship’s departure (exact time) have 50% refund of the fare.

 Tickets converted to Open-Date tickets have a 50% cancellation fee charge.

For cancellations made in less than 12 hours before departure time fare CANNOT be refunded.

After departure: Tickets cannot be cancelled, cannot be converted to open date, and no change of date is possible.

Tickets can only be cancelled by the travel agents by which they were issued; they cannot be cancelled by phone. Persons wishing to cancel a ticket must deliver it to the agency that has issued it.


Passenger or vehicle tickets can be converted to Open-Date tickets to be used on a next trip.

 Tickets can be changed only by the tourist office/ agency or shipping agency which has issued the ticket or by the company’s central shipping agencies at the ports.

 Open-Date tickets are replaced by a new ticket of equal or greater value, by paying the difference depending on the availability for the same or a different trip. For this new ticket all cancellation terms above do not apply and any difference in price is not refundable. The new ticket cannot be issued with any discount if the original ticket has no discount. Vehicles tickets cannot be replaced by any passenger tickets and vice-versa.

 Open-Date tickets are valid up to one year from the date and time of issued.

 Tickets can be converted to Open-Date tickets up to four (4) hours before ship departure in low season.

 In high season and legal holidays, tickets can be converted to Open-Date tickets up to 24 hours before ship departure.

 Low Season:

from 01-01-2021 to 22-04-2021
from 10-05-2021 to 10-06-2021
from 13-09-2021 to 30-09-2021

High Season:

from 23-04-2021 to 09-05-2021
from 11-06-2021 to 12-09-2021

Open-Date tickets are valid up to one year from the date and time of issued. It is necessary that the initial ticket be replaced with a new ticket before boarding. If, until the date of travel, the fare has been increased, owners of such tickets must pay the difference.


Passengers and their vehicles can board the vessel without changing their tickets.

The tickets of a cancelled departure are not valid for embarkation and must be exchanged with a valid boarding card for the next scheduled departure, pending on availability.

In case of a departure being delayed or cancelled due to extreme weather conditions etc., passengers are kindly requested to contact the company’s port agencies or through the website www.goutoslines.com  in order to be informed about the new departure time.


In case of ticket loss, a new ticket must be bought.


According to E.U. Directive 98/41, as incorporated into Greek Law PD 23/1999 as amended and valid, it is mandatory for any passenger ship departing from a Greek port, for safety reasons, the nominal registration of the passengers on each route.

In particular, must be listed:

The name of the passenger (in full)
Gender: man/woman
Nationality (e.g.GR)
Date of birth (day/ month/ year)

The telephone number for the exclusive purpose of notifying the passenger in case of delay, cancellation or frustration of the ship’s itinerary. In case of the passenger’s failure to disclose contact details, it is registered in writing by the issuer in the System. In case of electronic booking, the passenger fills in his contact details in the relevant electronic form or fills in the option «I do not wish to be informed in case of delay, cancellation or cancellation of the route».

In addition, the issuing agent must be notified of passengers requiring SPECIAL CARE.

It is strictly forbidden to issue tickets on board; therefore, for their convenience, passengers must contact their travel agent on time, to book and issue their tickets.

Children up to 5 years old: it is obligatory to issue a Free of Charge ticket.

Transportation of minor passengers, who have not reached the age of 15, is not allowed.

The transportation of minor passengers, who have reached the age of 15 to 18 years, without being accompanied by a parent or a guardian, is permitted under the following conditions:

Completion of a Statutory Declaration by the parent or the legal guardian of the minor with his/her signature, certified by the relevant Police or Port Authority.
For boarding on vessel, the minor passenger must possess in hand the original Statutory Declaration, along with the ticket, as well as his/her Identity Card for identification purposes.
In any case, the parent or the legal guardian of the minor passenger bears in full the responsibility for the prompt acquisition and certification of the Statutory Declaration, as well as of any accompanying documents that may be required at the port of departure. Under no circumstances will the company be liable if, due to inadequate documents and/or identification certificates, boarding is not allowed by the vessel’s Officers or the Port Authorities.
Relevant declaration forms are available at the Customer Services Dept., tel.: +30-210-6135422, e-mail: cs@goutoslines.com , as well as at the local port offices of the company.