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Discount & Cancellation Policy - SEA JETS

Sea Jets


In case of ticket cancellation the following apply:

Up to 14 days before departure, 100% return of the fare.
Up to 7 days before departure 75% return of the fare.
Up to 12 hours before departure, 50% return of the fare.
For cancellations made less than 12 hours before departure, the fare is non-refundable.
For the cancellation it is necessary to present the tickets to the agent who issued them (only authorized for cancellations).
Ticket cancellations by phone, fax, email are not allowed.


Tickets can be converted into open-air tickets at least 12 hours before departure. For conventional ferries the tickets can be converted into open date tickets up to 4 hours before departure.

Open date tickets can be replaced with another date tickets on any itinerary, if available.

Open tickets are valid for one year from the date of their conversion into an open date, they are not canceled and no partial or full refund can be made.
Tickets that have replaced open date tickets can not be canceled or converted into open date tickets.
During the process of replacing open tickets a difference in fare is not refundable but in case the new ticket is more expensive the difference is collected.
For the conversion into an open date ticket, it is necessary to present the ticket to the issuer.


The company is not responsible for route delays, deviations and non-observance of normal course due to bad weather conditions or orders of YEN and Port Authorities or reasons of force majeure and are made with the main concern the safety of passengers. In the event of an unfulfilled route due to force majeure (eg curfew due to adverse weather conditions) Seajets will refund the full value of the ticket.


In case of loss of a ticket, Seajets must be informed at least 1 hour before the departure of the ship either by phone (+30 210 7107710) or by email (reservations.dpt@seajets.gr). To travel, the passenger must purchase a new ticket and then report the loss in writing to Seajets stating the date of travel, the route, the number of tickets lost, the number of new tickets purchased and a photocopy thereof. If the lost ticket is not found in the Seajets records to have traveled within 1 month from the date of travel, the company will issue a free ticket of equal value to the lost one.


According to the Community Directive 98/41 / EC and the new regulations as they derive from the P.D. 102/2019 (Government Gazette 182 / Α / 20-11-2019) and the amended provisions of P.D. 23/1999 concerning the registration of persons traveling by passenger ships in Greek ports is mandatory for security reasons, the nominal registration of passengers on each route. For the purposes of registration, the tickets are issued by NAME and must state:

- Last name
- Name (In Full)
- Sex
- Citizenship
- Date of birth (DD / MM / EU)

When booking the ticket online, the passenger must provide his / her exact identification, contact telephone number and e-mail address, for the sole purpose of informing the carrier in case of delay, cancellation or cancellation of the ship's route. The passenger must also check when issuing the ticket the correctness of the information listed on the ticket (date, time, itinerary, ship identity details, etc.) and not receive it in case of incorrect entry.

Passenger phone for better service
Passengers are advised to inform the issuing agency of their telephone number (preferably mobile) when issuing tickets so that they can be notified in case of need, e.g. prohibition of departure due to weather, etc.

The price of the ticket includes the transfer of the passenger to the port of destination, the type of seat chosen by the passenger and listed on the ticket, as well as the respective legal charges on it (VAT, port fees, etc.). ).
The price of the vehicle transport receipt (fare) includes the transport of the vehicle to the port of destination and the respective legal charges on it (VAT, port fees, etc.).
The discounts are not cumulative. If there are more than one case of discounts, only the largest discount applies.
Passengers entitled to a discount must state this when booking seats and show all the necessary supporting documents both when issuing the respective discount tickets and when boarding the Ship.

After the ticket is issued, no fare difference is refunded.

Seajets grants discounts to passengers in accordance with the following commercial policy:

Large family with 50% discount in Economy Class.
Special Discount 50% discount on all positions.
People with Special Needs with a disability rate of 80% and above & their Companions.
50% disabled cars.
Infants up to 1 year old issue a boarding pass infant ticket without fare. Not applicable to Seajets conventional vessels.
Children up to 5 years old issue a baby ticket with a zero fare, but Platinum seats are excluded.
Children from 5 to 10 years 50% in all Positions.
NAT pensioners 50% discount in Financial Position.
Student discount: The specific discount is given only with the physical presence of the passenger in an agency of the shipping company, with the presentation of the student ID.



The movement of minor passengers, who have reached the age of 15 to 18, without the accompaniment of a parent or guardian, is allowed under the following conditions:
Completion of a Responsible Declaration by the parent or legal guardian of the minor, certified with the original signature by the Police or Port Authority.
To board the ship, the minor passenger must have with his / her ticket, the original Declaration, as well as his / her Police Identity Card for the confirmation of the identity.
In any case, the parent or legal guardian of the minor passenger bears full responsibility for the timely acquisition and approval of the Responsible Declaration, as well as all accompanying documents that may be required at the port of departure.
In no case shall Seajets be liable if due to insufficient documents and / or certificates of identity, boarding is not allowed by the competent Officers of the ship or the Port Authorities.
Relevant statements are available from Seajets, e-mail: reservations.dpt@seajets.gr as well as at the local port offices of Seajets.

Conversion of tickets into Credit Vouchers which can be replaced at any destination at no extra cost.
This feature is valid for those who have purchased tickets until 31/5/2020, regardless of whether the trip has been canceled or not.
Credit Vouchers are valid for any route until 31/12/2022.

After 18 months from the date of travel and in case the credit voucher has not been used, the possibility of a refund is given.

In case the new reservation is higher than the value of the open tickets (ie it concerns more expensive tickets), there will be no additional charge for the difference in cost
If the new booking is less than the value of the credit, then the difference is non-refundable.