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Anek Lines

Anek Lines

The ferry company Anek Lines, was established in April 1967 in Chania and was the first Greek shipping company created to meet the needs of Crete ferry link with the ports of Greece.
Initially, the routes served the city of Chania and Heraklion, Crete.

Today the fleet has services towards the Cyclades, the North Aegean, the Dodecanese, and to destinations in Italy, specifically the ports of Ancona and Venice.
In 2008 Anek Lines was awarded as «Best Company of the Year 2008 for the Passenger Shipping" in the annual awards "Greek Shipping Awards" organized by Lloyd's List.


The company's fleet consists of 11 modern-owned ships, which are all certified with International Safety and Quality Systems ISM & ISPS Systems, ISO & HACCP respectively.

Anek Lines implement the STCW of 1995, offering specialized crews on all ships.

The ships of the company are also certified with Security Systems (ISM Code - safety and ISPS Code - security) and are equipped with the finest and most modern machinery, navigation, fire and rescue resources, thus ensuring maximum safety and convenience of passengers, while protecting the marine environment.


Χρήσιμες Πληροφορίες

Children aged 4 years without the reservation of a cabin, qualify for 100% discount and there is a zero fare for a ferry ticket is issued.
For children up to four years with a reservation of a cabin, the company offers 50% discount.

All children from 4 to 12 years for all classes have 50% discount.
Finally you need to know that all children traveling in the cabin must be accompanied by an adult that has paid the full fare.

The Ships of ANEK Lines with destination Chania and Heraklion depart from Gate E3 at the port of Piraeus.

Δρομολόγια Anek Lines

Piraeus - Heraklion
Piraeus - Chania
Venice - Igoumenitsa - Corfu - Patra
Patras - Corfu - Igoumenitsa - Venice
Ancona - Igoumenitsa - Patra
Patra - Igoumenitsa - Ancona
Piraeus - Santorini - Anafi - Kassos - Karpathos - Diafani - Halki - Rhodes

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